About Us

King Mangoes, Most Trusted Name In Mangoes Import And Sales In U.S.A. We Have Been Importing Seasons Fresh, Juicy & Sweetest Mangoes From Pakistan And India Since 2014. We Were The First Company To Import Mangoes From Indian Sub-Continent To U.S.A, With Humble Beginnings In 2014 With Just Few Thousand Boxes Were Imported For Texas Market. Soon With Great Demand In Northern America We Started Home Deliveries Via Overnight Ups Service In 2015. As Word Of Our Mangoes Spread We Were Contacted By Many Small And Big Grocery Stores From All Over The Country And We Established A Distribution Business Across The Country In 2015 As Well.

We Are Always Looking To Promoting Of Our Mangoes As We And Over 1.5 Billion People Around The World We Believe No Mangoes Are Better Than Those Of Indian Sub Continent That’s Way We Try To Promote Them Through All Means. Our Mango Boxes Are Easily Available Through Out Most Grocery Stores Of Indian And Pakistani Origin In USA. But We Have Foot Print In All Major American Grocery Stores As Well In Different Cities.

We Hand Pick Our Mangoes From Different USDA Approved Orchards In Pakistan And India. With A Great Team And Years Of Experience In This Very Difficult Business We Offer The Fresh Juicy Sweetest Mangoes Any Where In USA.